«They play a key role as management thought leaders in Germany»

Focus (news magazine)

Anja Foerster and Peter Kreuz are bestselling authors and speakers. Their books (Anja’s books / Peter’s books) have been translated into many languages and have appeared on the bestseller lists of the Financial Times and the German news magazines Der Spiegel, ManagerMagazin, and Handelsblatt.


They are also entrepreneurs – and that means they are lifelong learners. They are the founders of Rebels at Work, a community of courageous change-makers, who fight bureaucracy, shake up rigid and outdated organizational structures and rethink work.Anja and Peter give keynote speeches across Europe and travel the world. They don’t need a fancy office or an impressive title. What they need: Autonomy. What they look for: inspiring places, pioneering companies and visionary people. What they discover: refreshing ideas, surprising perspectives, and revolutionary concepts.


They are sought-after management speakers on the topics of leadership, innovation and change.
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