Peter Kreuz

»Fresh and thought-provoking, inspiring,
polarizing – provides new impetus and
clears the head.«

Agilent Technologies
DR. PETER KREUZ is an entrepreneur, bestselling author and founder of Rebels at Work.
In his keynote speeches he shares his passion for the ideas and practices that are reshaping how organizations compete, innovate and grow.

Peter Kreuz, Ph.D.

He is a renowned author, speaker, and entrepreneur – and represents a new generation of European-based management thinkers.


With his groundbreaking thinking, humor, and a healthy disregard for established wisdom, he challenges management orthodoxies and shows how companies can achieve success by following less conventional paths.


For more than two decades, Peter has advised Fortune Top 500 companies including BMW, Daimler, FedEx, HP, IBM, Mars, Microsoft, Nestlé, and SAP.


He is a former manager of Anderson Consulting and Assistant Professor at the Vienna University of Economics. He holds an MBA and a PhD in economics and social sciences.


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My cause ...

I’m infected with a virus and I’m thriving on it. I first came into contact with it in the late 1990s while working on my dissertation on strategic innovators. I was infected by people I met like Richard Branson of Virgin, Anita Roddick of The Body Shop, Nicolas Hayek of Swatch, and Götz Werner of dm-drugstore. This virus is called rebelliousness.

The encounters with these industry revolutionaries have changed my life forever and opened many doors for my wife Anja and myself. We started to surround ourselves with people just like them. People who are defying the status quo and seeing and doing things differently.

Let’s make a difference ...

The ivory tower of academia didn’t allow me to make the difference I wanted to make and to live the self-determined life I wanted to live. That’s why I abandoned this path and gave up the benefits and amenities of the public service. For me, autonomy means the freedom to live a life that doesn’t have to meet the expectations of others.

Today I travel the world to support Rebels at Work and to track down the winning strategies of creators, thinkers, innovators, and, most of all, doers who do things others say can’t be done.

My enemies …

Complacency and indifference. Entitlement. Inflated egos. Talented people who make excuses and act like victims. Know-it-alls. Mediocrity. People who take themselves too seriously. Top-down decision structures that create long lags between sense and respond. Corporate cultures that resemble a Dilbert cartoon.

My personal likes …

The first cup of coffee in the morning. Looking behind the scenes. Sports, sports, sports, especially crossing the Alps with my mountain bike, half marathons, and sailing. Traveling off the beaten track. Autonomy. Architecture by Frank Gehry. Big airports with their bustling activity. Rebels. The Rolling Stones – and “Sympathy for the Devil.”