Creating organizations as inspiring as the people inside them

Question routines, challenge dogmas, discover new insights, dare to experiment, analyze mistakes, and start over again. These are accepted qualities of entrepreneurs. But what about the people in traditional organizations? How do they blaze new trails and find ways to change business as usual?


Anyone who follows unconventional paths and imagines the unimaginable runs the risk of colliding with the existing rules and norms of the organization. But the future belongs to those who are able to imagine bold alternatives to the status quo. Without the capability to imagine and design radical new business concepts, a company will be unable to escape decaying strategies. The response to the future’s inherent unpredictability is to think differently and to generate the dissonance required to break up routines and thought patterns.


We call these activists who are not afraid to dream, create, explore, pioneer and imagine REBELS AT WORK.  They are responsible members of the organization; however, they are also a source of new ideas and transformation. They challenge the status quo in two ways: first, by refusing to automatically bend to the majority, and second, by carrying out intentional acts to unbalance business as usual.

Rebels at Work are the loyal opposition within the organization. Their loyalty is not to any particular person or office, but to the continued success of the organization.


They understand that the organization isn’t the others, it’s you. Every organization is no more or less than the collective will of its members. And you can shape that will! The credo of Rebels at Work: “We want change. We are the change that we seek.”


Rebels at Work is a community that reaches almost 100,000 people – via our books, our newsletter, live appearances, and social media.


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